BMC&TC + DePaul University

Monday, September 26th was a pivotal day for the Bronzeville Community as Harold Lucas, President of Black Metropolis Convention & Tourism Council (BMC&TC), introduced Professor Mark & his 20 Freshmen from Depaul University to the neighborhood from a brief historical introduction.  Over the last several years, Harold Lucas has taken the initiative to welcome DePaul University to Bronzeville as […]

Southside neighborhood gems

(CHICAGO) ABC 7 EYEWITNESS MORNING NEWS, with co-anchor Terrell Brown, will leave the studio to broadcast live from the Bronzeville neighborhood to spotlight some of the outstanding people, organizations and residents who call the South Side their home. The two-and-a-half hour block of live news, featuring the best of the South Side, will air Friday, […]


May Day 2016 call to action: Filing a class action law suit to hold black elected officials accountable for conspiring to allow planned disenfranchisement, criminalization and displacement of lower and moderate income African Americans from the regentrified historic Bronzeville community!!! The Bronzeville Visitor Information Center has been physically locked out of our prime space in […]

Crook County’ investigates racism in Cook County criminal.

Crook County’ investigates racism in Cook County criminal … – Chicago…/ct-prj-crook-county-nicole… Chicago Tribune Apr 27, 2016 – Nicole Gonzalez Van Cleve’s powerful, well-timed book about Cook County criminal courts draws from her years of research into race and justice in Illinois. … The Cook County criminal justice system — news flash! — is racist. […]

Interesting on the table conversation this morning at the Chicago Urban League

Interesting on the table conversation this morning at the Chicago Urban League: May 10th, 2016 On the Table perspective from Black Metropolis Convention & Tourism Council:: Preserving and sustaining the Bronzeville Visitor Information Center within the historic Supreme Life building, strategically located a the Gateway to the Black Metropolis National Heritage Area, as an anchor […]

Preserving and enhancing the Bronzeville Visitor Information Center, the cultural heritage anchor to the south lakefront region of Chicago

Strategically located within the Supreme Life Building, as the Gateway to the Black Metropolis National Heritage Area, the Bronzeville Visitor Information Center preserves and sustains the broader south lakefront region of Chicago, while serving as an anchor institution for branding, marketing and enhancing multiple cultural heritage tourism sites, attractions and destinations in Bronzeville.Continuing to develop […]

Meeting with community organizer Harold Lucas

Harold Lucas, a career community organizer and urban preservationist, has worked to protect the authentic cultural legacy of Chicago’s Bronzeville community since 1973. Moreover, Mr. Lucas is the visionary behind the “Restoring Bronzeville” campaign that promotes the Black Metropolis Historic District as a premier African-American heritage tourism destination.    

Going fishing this summer in the Millennium Reserve, Chicago south lakefront regional geographic service area

Bronzeville Visitor Information Center volunteer staff, will facilitate another “free” outdoor recreational mobile tour, in collaborative partnerships with Black Metropolis/Pullman Porter Great Migration Blues Trail Environmental Education Outreach program and Fishing Buddies, on next Saturday July 9th, 2016 at 8:00 AM sharp!. This time we will travel by tour bus to Wampum Lake which offers […]



  One night when I was 18, I was walking to the Walgreens that was on my block. It was December and freezing in Chicago. Usually that means it’s a little safer, too.I was just going out for some chips and a drink, but before I even got to the store, shots rang out. Another […]