A Future for Bronzeville

Creation of an African American Cultural heritage tourism infrastructure in the heart of Bronzeville on the south lakefront region of Chicago!

Anchored on the southwest corner of 63rd street & Cottage Grove avenue is the landmark Washington Park National Bank building (one of the few historic structures remaining on the south lakefront region of Chicago). This landmark building is the only formidable structure imposing enough to host the proposed Chicago land-based Casino in Bronzeville. This proposal would provide an infrastructure foundation for the revitalization of Bronzeville as a cultural heritage tourism destination. 

On the adjacent 6300 block of Cottage Grove avenue is the proposed building site for a large 4 star hotel, including a locally owned (black owned) bank or credit union. This site would extend south to the former site of the Budland nightclub in the 6400 block, where a parking lot would be constructed, providing an anchor construction project for the Black Metropolis Heritage Neighborhood.

From a regional geographic perspective, we are now positioned to enable an array of sub development projects that would emphasize the remaining cultural legacies of Black Metropolis. These legacies include the historic house museums embodied in the Lou Palmer house, the Muddy Water house, the Elijah Muhammad house, and the Emmitt Till house. 

Other proposed projects include the expansion of the A. Phillip Randolph Museum Gallery, the restoration of the two abandoned Fire houses (located at 62nd & Kimbark and 109th and Cottage Grove, respectively), the proposed grocery store on south State Street and the imminent reopening of the Bronzeville Visitor Information Center in the Supreme Liberty Life Building on 35th and Martin Luther King Drive. 

With this audacious plan to build an economic base, we will engender the founding infrastructure for the bottom-up revitalization of Bronzeville and the Black Metropolis Cultural Heritage Neighborhood!

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