May Day 2016 call to action: Filing a class action law suit to hold black elected officials accountable for conspiring to allow planned disenfranchisement, criminalization and displacement of lower and moderate income African Americans from the regentrified historic Bronzeville community!!!

The Bronzeville Visitor Information Center has been physically locked out of our prime space in the historic Supreme Life Center building illegally, by the city of Chicago’s preferred developer East Lake Management & Development. Thereby putting at risk, an extensive Bronzeville archive of public information, photographs, valuable pictures and archival documentation about the past twenty years of struggle for economic empowerment for low and moderate income African Americans who once lived in Chicago’s historic Bronzeville community!

Black Metropolis Convention & Tourism Council , a 501c3 not-for-profit Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) for the the historic Bronzeville community,has been systematically and economically disenfranchised over the past decade, by black elected political leadership collaborating with government bureaucrats in the Illinois Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity. Thereby, blocking or misappropriating $260,000.00 in federal grant funds that were allocated to Black Metropolis Convention & Tourism Council for upgrades to facilities in the historic Supreme/Liberty Life building.

4th Ward Alderman Will Burns who single handily helped the University of Chicago take ownership and over build Harper Court, while symultaneously blocking the Bronzeville Visitor Information Center from resources, all while he served in the State Legislature and the Chicago City Council is a obnoxious conspirator in this planned injustice.

Quad Community Development Corporation just produced a promotional video of Bronzeville. The historic Supreme Life building the “crown jewel” of the Black Metropolis National Heritage Area, and home of the Bronzeville Visitor Information Center that is strategically located at the Gateway to the Black Metropolis National Heritage Area is conspicuously omitted from this video!!!

It exemplifies the arrogantly blatant conspiracy of the Hyde Park/University of Chicago oriented white supremacy, one % black elitist takeover of marketing and branding of Bronzeville, perpetrating a false vision of Bronzeville, as an upscale diverse neighborhood.

In reality from a “top/down” class and caste perspective proletariat, under served black people living in Bronzeville are being insidiously stratified along economic lines, discriminates against, disenfranchises, criminalizes and being displaced, as lower and moderate income African Americans from the prime south lakefront region of Chicago supported World Business Chicago!


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Black Metropolis Convention & Tourism Council
Bronzeville Visitor Information Center
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Chicago, Illinois 60653
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