The Plan Wasn’t a Good One

The Plan Wasn’t a Good One

I remember the projects. My mom grew up in Altgeld Gardens and knew families in Ida B. Wells. I had friends in both grammar school and high school that lived in both the Robert Taylor Homes and Cabrini Green. I knew people from the projects. When I left Chicago the first time to go to […]

When Will We Make Changes?

I had an assistant superintendent, that knew OF me, decide that I was a poor/bad educator, after being in his job for about 4 MONTHS. I had been in classrooms for 14 YEARS at the SAME school. What I know for CERTAIN is that I was NOT a bad educator. I was an ill-informed, ill-equipped […]


Soul!! “A variety-talk show with African-American musicians and interviews with cultural figures.” I don’t remember this one at all and I was about 8 or 9. This is another one that I can’t WAIT to have the time to journey through.

Living While Black

Living While Black I haven’t had an opportunity to watch this series yet because I’m presently engrossed in my studies of how to EFFECTIVELY teach children how to read. But this looks like one that I will be thoroughly engrossed in when I have the time.

Learning the History of Music

Learning the History of Music There were many more interesting history events on this site, but I liked the connection to music because music was a big thing for me as I grew up in Chicago. Enjoy the journey and the knowledge.

Still blocking the pathway to build wealth for Black families.

Still blocking the pathway to build wealth for Black families.

Black couple lowballed by $500K in home appraisal, showing legacy of discrimination and racism on California home ownership – ABC7 San Francisco ( This story provides proof that this country STILL blocks growth for black families. What other areas of growth are actively blocked for black families attempting to leave something for their children? How […]