Civic Engagement & Service Learning in the Historic Bronzeville Community!

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Hey Harold,

Below I have added a brief overview of what we’re working on with the DePaul youth.
“Monday, September 26th was a pivotal day for the Bronzeville Community as Harold Lucas, President of Black Metropolis Convention & Tourism Council (BMC&TC), introduced Professor Mark Wodziak & his 28 Freshmen from Depaul University to the neighborhood for a brief historical introduction.  Over the last several years, Harold Lucas has taken the initiative to welcome DePaul University to Bronzeville as they prepare to integrate a new stadium  as a community benefit to the neighborhood.  By keeping the discussion open, transparent and above all “ historically authentic”, Harold has also connected the students to Jonese Burnett, Director of Bronzeville Retail Initiative, and Mac Gordon, Executive Director Of Grow Fancy LLC, for an insight of the economic development within the community.  This discussion also entails some of the racial & political issues that are currently prevalent amongst the community, but furthermore potential solutions to eradicate these issues.  
Depaul and BMC&TC will be working collaboratively during this semester to strategize, promote, and welcome diversity & development to Bronzeville as a whole for the residents and businesses throughout the area.


Black Metropolis Convention & Tourism Council (BMC&TC) a 501c3 not-for-profit Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) for the historic Bronzeville community and the broader south lakefront region of Chicago, has launched a civic engagement & service learning, cultural heritage tourism development initiative in collaboration with DePaul University.

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