Don’t Tell Me How to Express My Pain

I am a black, female educator who has spent all of my 56 years in a country that has foundationally NEVER considered that I would be a part of the growth of the nation. But I am. The reality of what this country has done to those that look like me often hurts me to my core. It makes me cry and it makes me angry. Those are MY experiences and emotions that have come from my 56 years on this planet lived in both the city of Chicago and for the last almost 22 years in the state of Georgia. Too many in this country often want to correct our LIVED experiences and tell us what we are not actually living and witnessing or that we are making too much out of this. Don’t change the narrative of what I KNOW has happened to people that look like me in this country. The murders, the lies, the stolen lands, the stolen properties, the “tax” we pay on our blackness, the road blocks created to prevent us from creating wealth for our families. I have EVERY RIGHT to be angry about what has been done. But when I’m past that anger, I know that my work here is not done. I realize that I still have work to do as long as I have breath in my body. I also realize that I can only do that work in the space where I exist. I cannot change the whole country alone, even if that is sometimes my desire. I can only work in the space that I am in. Yes. I will get angry about the truth that I know. When I get angry, don’t tell me HOW I need to express that anguish and pain at what I KNOW this country has done to people that look like me. Just hear me and ACT on what you know that YOU can do to make change in your space.

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