Enough Already! (My Black Educator Perspective)

PLEASE understand this when I say I DO NOT do white tears. When I explain my LIVED experience and the experiences of GENERATIONS of people that look like me and I TELL you that we have waited LONG ENOUGH for change to happen and you come back with “I’m offended” I can’t help you. Black folks have been “offended” for OVER 400 YEARS and folks are STILL talkin bout THEY’RE offended in our CURRENT spaces. I’m BLACK EVERY DAY. I’ve watched my parents struggle with inequities and know of my grandparents and their parents struggles. This SH#T (excuse me) is GENERATIONAL. Don’t come to me with YOUR “offended tears” and I don’t CARE if you “know somebody black.” You are NOT black and you don’t LIVE this crap DAILY. You’re just starting to acknowledge it. We have been LIVING it for FAR TOO LONG. I’m not heartless or unfeeling either. I’m just TIRED and I would LIKE for my grandchildren to NOT have to deal with the SAME crap that 5 GENERATIONS BEFORE them have been dealing with. ENOUGH ALREADY!! So, dry your eyes BEFORE you come to me with your tears. I’m willing to have a discussion but you WILL NOT make me feel bad for wanting better for my children and my grandchildren. I’m sure YOU’D want the same thing for yours only this country never had a problem with YOU. It’s still telling me that it “doesn’t see color.” As a young, wise teenager said recently, “If you DON’T see color, then you don’t see ME.”

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