Going fishing this summer in the Millennium Reserve, Chicago south lakefront regional geographic service area

Bronzeville Visitor Information Center volunteer staff, will facilitate another “free” outdoor recreational mobile tour, in collaborative partnerships with Black Metropolis/Pullman Porter Great Migration Blues Trail Environmental Education Outreach program and Fishing Buddies, on next Saturday July 9th, 2016 at 8:00 AM sharp!.

This time we will travel by tour bus to Wampum Lake which offers 4,800 feet of shoreline from which anglers can fish. In addition to fishing, the 412-acre Wampum Lakes Woods contains four large groves for picnicking.
As a great place for fishing and large gatherings, Wampum Lake Woods hosts many fishing contests in the summer. But no matter the size of a group or level of fishing expertise, Wampum is a great place to enjoy a beautiful day with friends and family.
The entrance to the preserve is on the north side of Thornton-Lansing Road. Parking is available along both sides of the access road. The picnic groves are open areas bordered on one side by woods. The second grove in from the entrance offers a shelter with multiple picnic tables. These large grassy areas are excellent for sports, games or even kite flying.
Shoreline fishing is available around most of the lake, and plenty of benches are provided along the southern shore.

The sandy soil of Wampum Lake supports unique plant life such as skunk cabbage and cinnamon ferns. Loons, eagles and osprey stop over at the preserve on their annual migration south in fall. Spring brings colorful flowers such as wild geranium, phlox and toothwort, as well as birds such as red-breasted mergansers, great blue herons and warblers.

But the species of greatest interest at the lake are the fish. Wampum Lake is best known for the size and number of perch, however a great many other fish swim here, such as largemouth bass, bluegill, sunfish, crappie, channel catfish and bullhead. On occasion fishermen have also reeled in good-sized northern pike.

West of the parking lot, natural springs create wet, marshy areas in the woods, particularly in spring.

We conserve the environment through outreach, restoration, and education.
Fishin’ Buddies! believes in the emotional and psychological restorative powers of the outdoors. We believe it is important to expose this philosophy to children who’s ideal of the “Great Outdoors” as being the grass-less, glass strewn, debris filled, concrete and steel playgrounds of urban America.

Harold L. Lucas



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