My Father

This post is being made out of pure respect to the man that is my Daddy.

Hello Mr. Lucas,

It was a pleasure to speak with you on the telephone.  I was sorry to hear that you’re going through chemotherapy but it sounds as though you are responding well to your treatments.

I will keep you in my thoughts.

Thank you for providing me with the information about your collections going to the Newberry Library and to Chicago State.  I am going over to the Newberry Library today to do some research and I will inquire about your collection.

As I mentioned we are working on a documentary on the Negro Leagues from 1920 – 1960’s and we are very interested in life in Bronzeville during these years.  The neighborhood and community that supported Rube Foster and his Chicago Giant Americans.  Hoping to find imagery, both photographs and footage to support the show.

So sorry that the city shut down your facility, it seemed like a gem of a place.  Wish I could have visited you there.

Below is the video I found of you online from 2017:

Bronzeville, the Black Metropolis (excerpt from PBS “Talking Black in America”

I will be in touch with you.

Keep well and positive,

Kind regards,


Helen Russell

Archival Producer

435 Hudson Street, Floor 6 New York, NY 10014 USA


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