Our Bronzeville Tour Today

Dear Mr. Lucas:

Thank you again for a wonderful tour today. You were so generous with your
time and knowledge. We would highly recommend this tour for anyone who
wants more of an inside view on the Bronzesville area and in general the
Black Metropolis.  From the historical sites  of the blues figures and
authors like Lorraine Hansberry, to greater insight on contemporary issues
facing the area like gentrification and development, we really felt
enlightened by you and your perspective both as a historian of the area
and a resident. Moreover, we enjoyed seeing the new restoration and new
development sites especially the buildings that have been converted to art
galleries and art studios such as the Theaster Gates conversions.

Thank you for supporting our family, comprised of Chicago expats and
current residents of the city, to connect to other visions and see our city
from a political economy perspective and a cultural perspective.  The
upshot of this is we had a wonderful time and left energized and even more
committed to our city and to the complex web of relationships required to
see that it continues to thrive, so that more can enjoy in its bounty.

All best to you and a happy New Year,

The Gallick, Puentes and Needel families 😊

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