Restoring Bronzeville Tour Testimonial

Hello Mr. Lucas,

My family and I would like to thank you tremendously for giving us such a
wonderful in depth tour of the Bronzeville, South Side neighborhood of
Chicago. Prior to our arrival in Chicago, I searched tirelessly for a tour
that would provide my family an authentic view of Chicago’s Black culture.
Thankfully we were not able to secure another tour service prior and by the
Grace of the universe we stumbled upon your tour services just hours before
our tour began. Your tour exceeded our expectations! Your knowledge of the
history of Chicago’s Black culture, jazz culture, architectural designs,
political environment and current gentrification/development/
re- gentrification  are thoroughly impressive!  We appreciate the patience
you showed us,  your enthusiasm remained consistent for the entire 4+ hours
of our tour.

As first time visitors to Chicago we were expecting to witness all of the
horrible stereotypes that we have heard about concerning the south side of
Chicago.  We were impressed by the cleanliness of the south side as well as
the artwork scattered throughout Bronzeville. It was so inspiring to see
all of the beautiful well kept homes of the Black residents as well as the
various new and old businesses in the area. (Shout out to the newly opened
ice cream store you brought us to, the ice cream was delicious!)

I will definitely recommend your tour services to any of my friends that
plan to visit Chicago. What you and your affiliated organizations have done
to showcase the history of Bronzeville alive are well noted. I hope that
you continue your community engagement so that the Black history which has
shaped the south side is never forgotten or erased.

Wishing you continued success!

With sincere thanks,

The Moore Family
Bridgeport – New Haven, CT

P.S. After returning from our trip, I received this in my email. Thought
you might find it interesting, considering we passed by the building and
you informed us about this happening…

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