Your Purpose

(116) Chadwick Boseman’s Life Advice Will Leave You SPEECHLESS | RIP ‘Black Panther’ – YouTube

My father sent this to me today and it made me think.  I lost a business client a couple of days ago and while I wasn’t upset in the loss of the client, the loss of the income bothered me.  After I watched this though, I came to another conclusion.  We all go through difficult times and struggles.  How we view those struggles will determine what we do next and how me move afterward.  I know my purpose.  I’ve known it for a long time now.  I may not be certain in all my movements, but I AM certain of the purpose. Always.  The loss of the client is just an opportunity for me to move on to the next better opportunity.  I may not know what that opportunity is, but I know that it’s out there and I will move toward it with the confidence in knowing that it does exist.  So, the next time something goes wrong and not the way I’d like it to go, I’ll remember that there is STILL something out there waiting for me, something better than that last lost/missed opportunity.  It is something that will continue to lead me on my journey to my purpose.  Lost opportunities are merely the open door for me to continue my journey.  Find your purpose and pursue it relentlessly, even when the obstacles and disappointments bring a sense of discouragement.  Remember your purpose and see that obstacle/disappointment as a door to your next step/move toward that purpose.

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